Maja Droetto works spatially in large format with simple industrial materials. Her work is about opening up people's vision and perception, by probing into unfamiliar layers of reality. Droetto describes this as spending time in the ancient past, future and timelessness, in the ocean depths and outer space, under the veneer of civilization and inside the atomic nucleus.

Droetto examines the connections and conflicts between religion and science. She is interested both in the technical design and the poetic experience. At Box, Droetto is sketching for a universe by means of a large kaleidoscope machine. She continues to drill into the dimensions and experiments with discovering complex patterns in chaotic contexts. Is there a point in space where everything miraculously falls into place and in that case what may be the consequences? After rigorous preparations 42 balls and 177 tubes are to be installed at precise locations in space, hopefully to form a disquieting sculptural result which can only become an organized structure in the eye of the beholder.

Maja Droetto lives in Gothenburg. She trained as a set designer at Central Saint Martins in London and has since 2006 fully devoted herself to fine art.