Galleri Box | Maja Droetto - Sketches for a Universe

Göteborgs-Posten, 5 December 2009

In Maja Droetto's exhibition at Galleri Box a story of creation emerges that embraces everyone in the room.

In the exhibition Sketches for a Universe Maja Droetto is addressing the issue of the way the space’s organization of vision creates a certain meaning and excludes another. She’s doing so in two contrasting ways.

In the first room of the exhibition the white cube of Galleri Box is completely filled with an enormous network of black strings, balls and tubes. Confined to barely a meter along the walls I move slowly, carefully, not to demolish something or bump into someone else. I am looking for structure and shape in this universe, like the child's eye during clear evenings wander across the starry sky.

But unlike childhood's sweeping vision, here one is referred to a specific location, from where a symmetrical flower and star pattern emerges (just to retire as soon as the eye loses focus). The joyfulness of diversity related to childhood is here to become a temporary, but instrumentalised focal point.

The idea of this organic universe requires, first, that I accept the design management of the work, and secondly that I shut out the other visitors from the view point. The disinterested astronomy of the game is turned into an economy of limited resources.

So if the first room individualized the access to meaning, it is diametrically different in the case of the motor driven kaleidoscope in the upper room of the gallery. Here a story of creation emerges, a common historical space of continual becoming. It is presented with all the inherent contradictions and distributions of tasks.

The visual horizon, which is at times reminiscent of the abstractions of the eighties put through a child's figuration factory, is tripled by angled mirrors. The acoustic aspects, the rattling chain, the noisy canvas, the shaking frame, embraces everyone engaged in the room.

Absorbed in this community of never ending spatial production, it strikes me that I almost forgot how I got through the first room and what perspectives and people that were reduced there, for the transition into this collective. A reminder that should have bearing outside of the box.

Johannes Björk